November 9, 2022/Media, Press

NCDP Statement Congratulating NC-13’s Representative-Elect Wiley Nickel

North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Dr. Bobbie Richardson has released the following statement on Representative-Elect Wiley Nickel winning in North Carolina’s 13th U.S. House District: 

“Wiley Nickel is a dedicated public servant committed to enacting actionable, bipartisan change for the people of North Carolina and we congratulate him on his hard-fought victory. He has already demonstrated the quality of his character and his tireless perseverance in Raleigh for the people of his district through his time in the State Senate and now he will take those North Carolina values to Washington. We look forward to continued efforts, now on a national scale, to protect the rights and freedoms of hardworking North Carolinians and ensure that all of the people of North Carolina can thrive in a strong economy that actually works for the families of the 13th district, our state, and our country. ”