September 22, 2022/Media, Press

North Carolina Democratic Party Unveils New Billboard Highlighting Ted Budd’s Attacks On Democracy

Ahead of Ted Budd’s rally with former President Trump in Wilmington, the North Carolina Democratic Party is unveiling a new billboard highlighting Congressman Budd calling the January 6th insurrection “nothing” and “just patriots standing up.” 

This billboard is located by the entrance of the Wilmington Airport where Budd is scheduled to appear with former President Trump.

“Congressman Ted Budd is an election denier that voted against certifying the 2020 election and called insurrectionists ‘patriots,’” said NCDP spokesperson Kate Frauenfelder. “North Carolinians deserve a U.S. Senator who stands up for democracy, not one that tries to rewrite the rules to help himself and his political allies.”

In the last week, outlets have reported that the Budd campaign declined to say if they would uphold the state’s election results this November and called his “refusal to answer a basic question” “disqualifying to any voter who believes that democracy matters.” 

An image of the graphic is below: