August 4, 2022/Media, Press

ICYMI: Kansas Voters Send Clear Message To GOP On Abortion

In a resounding vote on Tuesday night, Kansas voters took a stand on women’s reproductive freedom and sent a clear message to members of the GOP across the country – if this is the platform you’re running on this November, be prepared to lose big.

North Carolina Democrats are feeling energized by the victory in Kansas – they know this vote truly highlights what’s at stake to voters – and coverage is taking note, citing “new hope” and “confidence” for Democrats moving into the fall.

Yesterday, Attorney General Josh Stein, alongside Congresswoman Deborah Ross and State Senator Rosa Gill, held a press conference to once again pledge to protect reproductive rights, while Republicans “declined to comment.” It’s a good thing voters already know their plan to put reproductive freedoms on the chopping block.

“Kansans sent an important reminder to the country this week that voters won’t just sit back while Republicans roll back their freedoms,” said NCDP spokesperson Julia Walker. “This November, North Carolinians will reject extreme politicians who don’t share their values at the ballot box.”