October 5, 2021/Media, Press

ICYMI: Attacks Fly In Nasty #NCSEN Primary

New reporting from the Associated Press highlights the growing division among the GOP field as personal attacks continue in an effort to tear down the Trump-backed candidate for his family’s involvement in a business bankruptcy that cost farmers millions of dollars and for benefitting from heavy spending by the ultra-conservative group Club for Growth. 

AP reports that Pat McCrory not only suggested Budd was less electable, but also accused his family of “fraud” and “ripp[ing] off a lot of farmers in tens of millions of dollars,” saying they “tried to hide money.” Mark Walker indicated Budd was too cozy with Club for Growth, saying “[u]nlike one of my other candidates, I don’t have a D.C. Super PAC underwriting my campaign.” The group has already pledged to funnel in millions of dollars to boost Budd’s campaign and attack his primary opponents. 

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Associated Press: Opponents target Ted Budd, Trump’s choice in GOP Senate race