March 30, 2021/Media, Press

🚨 HYPOCRITE WATCH: Rep. Madison Cawthorn Takes Credit For Grants In American Rescue Plan That He Voted Against

Madison Cawthorn has officially joined the shameless crowd of Republicans who are taking credit for the American Rescue Plan — legislation that was backed by exactly zero Republicans. In a tweet Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Cawthorn touted four DHHS grants that were awarded to health centers in his district, saying that he was “proud to see tax-payer dollars returned to NC-11,” even though he opposed the legislation that allocated the funding.

“You can’t have your cake and vote against it, too. That’s exactly what Rep. Cawthorn is doing by shamelessly taking credit for a bill that he tirelessly attacked and voted against,” said NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson. “The American Rescue Plan secured critical funding for North Carolina’s health centers and Madison Cawthorn had absolutely nothing to do with it. North Carolinians know that it was Democrats who fought for them, and Republicans who stood in the way of this historic legislation.”