September 7, 2020/Media, Press

House Democrats Condemn Republican Inaction for North Carolina Families

RALEIGH – Six months into the pandemic and a decade into Republican control of the General Assembly, North Carolina public schools are suffering. Republicans have denied our families, students, teachers and schools crucial resources across the board.

Reps. Rosa GillJames Gailliard and Christy Clark will join North Carolina Educator Todd Warren to condemn Republican inaction on Education and lay out what must be done to support our schools so our students can not just survive, but thrive in their education.

Rep. Rosa Gill (HD-33) 

“Our constitution guarantees every North Carolina child a sound and basic education, yet Republicans have shown time and time again, they are not interested in providing one.

While our public schools are starving, Republicans touted their plan to take millions in funding and give it to private schools which are not held to the same academic standards as our public schools. It has never been more important for North Carolina to focus on improving public schools rather than looking for new ways to steal their funding, especially during this pandemic which has already put a financial strain on our state.”

Rep. Christy Clark (HD-98)

“Unemployment assistance can be the difference between putting food on the table and a child going hungry, especially now. Not only must we support those looking for work, but those choosing not to return for their own health. It needs to be feasible for parents to be able to stay home with their children during digital learning if that’s what’s best for them, and still be able to support their families. 

It is also crucial that we expand Medicaid at this time and give working families access to affordable health care as hundreds of thousands lose their employer based insurance.  When you have more than half a million North Carolinians without coverage, it means families are delaying care which is bad for them and bad for public health.”

Rep. James Gailliard (HD-25)

“Schools don’t need platitudes, they need resources. North Carolinains experiencing joblessness need a helping hand to get back on their feet, not the most stringent benefits system in the country. And we all need access to affordable health care, especially now. 

For far too long, Republicans have sacrificed our children’s education, our jobs and our health care in favor of tax breaks for the wealthy and useless persistence of their ideological agenda. 

In November, voters have a choice: a legislature that will prioritize the next generation of North Carolinians or one that would rather focus on protest legislation and their far-right ideological agenda.”

The full audio can be found HERE.