August 5, 2020/Media, Press

Desperate Tillis Criticizes a NC Small Business for PPP Loans, Yet Silent on China-Linked Businesses Receiving Them

Tillis still hasn’t said anything about a new analysis showing small business relief funds “flowed to China”

Senator Tillis launched a desperate new attack today, going negative direct to camera for the first time this cycle by parroting misleading claims similar to ones TV stations across the state have already decided they won’t air.

Yet as Tillis launches desperate attacks on a North Carolina small business receiving PPP loans, he still won’t comment on a new analysis showing that millions of dollars from the Paycheck Protection Program “flowed to China” through subsidiaries of state-owned or invested firms operating in the U.S.

Tillis’ faux outrage over PPP and silence on China-linked firms benefiting from the small business relief effort come as he’s desperately trying to present himself as tough-on-China, election-year tough talk that’s already being panned as Tillis “posing” as a China hawk.

Given Tillis’ flailing attacks and tough guy rhetoric on China, North Carolinians deserve to know: when will Senator Tillis share the same outrage for China-linked firms benefiting from PPP loans?

“Down in the polls and desperate to distract from the administration’s bungled coronavirus response and his own attacks on North Carolinians’ health care, Senator Tillis is going negative and parroting false attacks similar to ones some TV stations have already said they won’t air,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard. “Amid his negative attacks, Tillis won’t share the same outrage over Chinese-linked firms benefiting from PPP loans because he’s an unserious, Washington politician who will be out of a job in 90 days.”