July 27, 2022/Media, Press

Charlotte Observer Editorial Board: Budd In Denial On Jan. 6

Congressman Budd voted to overturn the election results, called insurrectionists “just patriots standing up,” and consistently sided with former President Trump instead of the truth and the will of American voters. Now, the Charlotte Observer editorial board is slamming him for his “barnacle”-like loyalty to Trump, political “deflections and distractions” that have “landed flat” and continued “struggle to acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory.” 

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The Charlotte Observer: Look! Ted Budd wants the ‘full truth about what went wrong last year.’ Oh, wait.

  • Ted Budd has never really seemed to take the Jan. 6 insurrection seriously. 
  • He clings to Donald Trump like a barnacle, still struggles to acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory and once said the attack at the U.S. Capitol was “just patriots standing up.” 
  • Nor does Budd seem willing to take accountability for his own actions — which include echoing Trump’s lies about the 2020 election and being one of 147 Republicans who voted against certifying the election results. 
  • As the case against Trump builds, his allies seem increasingly desperate to come up with deflections and distractions. This feels like just another example — and it landed flat.