August 28, 2020/Media, Press

BREAKING: Tillis Gets Caught Maskless, Offers Weak Walk Back, But Won’t Answer if He’ll Keeping Doing In-Person Events

Tillis’ weak statement leaves more questions than it answers

Senator Tillis just now was forced to offer a weak explanation after he was caught on camera not wearing a mask or social distancing at the White House event last night after criticizing others for not following COVID precautions, saying he “fell short of his own standard.

Yet Tillis’ statement leaves more questions than it answers, especially since he resumed in-person campaigning this week. Here’s just a few questions Tillis must answer:

  • Does Senator Tillis regret going to the White House event last night?
  • Why did Senator Tillis go to a crowded political event with no social distancing, no mask requirement, and no testing in the first place?
  • Will he condemn President Trump and the RNC for not abiding by public health guidelines after he falsely criticized others like the Latino community for not following public health guidelines?
  • Will he get tested for coronavirus?
  • Tillis restarted in-person campaigning last week and has in-person events scheduled this week. Will he suspend his upcoming in-person events until he gets a test result?

“Senator Tillis’ weak explanation raises more questions than it answers, chief among them whether he will get tested and whether he will suspend his in-person campaigning until he gets a negative test result,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “North Carolinians deserve to know if their senator will actually abide by public health guidelines when he thinks the cameras are off.”