July 29, 2022/Media, Press

Basket Of Chips Delivered To Budd’s District Office Following His Vote Against CHIPS Act

This morning, local Democrats delivered a basket of potato chips to Congressman Budd’s Advance district office after he voted against the Chips and Science Act the day prior, bipartisan legislation that would increase domestic manufacturing of semiconductor chips, lowering costs, creating jobs, and holding China accountable.

“Congressman Budd’s vote against the CHIPS Act is leaving North Carolinians feeling ruffled, and it’s clearer than ever that he can’t deliver for his constituents when it’s crunch time,” said NCDP spokesperson Kate Frauenfelder. 

The chips were delivered with a note that read: “Welcome back from Washington! No thanks to you, U.S. manufacturing will be stronger than ever. Hope you enjoy these chips while the rest of North Carolina gets to enjoy lower costs from increased microchip production.”