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April 28, 2018 / 11:00am-2:00pm

Eastern Regional Democratic Women of NC Meeting

About this Event

The Eastern Region Democratic Women of North Carolina Luncheon Meeting will be hosting Eva F Lee for US Senate (2020).

Lunch is $15 and should be mailed to Dem Women of Pender County to 139 Sir Walter Court, Hampstead, NC 28443. All genders and ages (kids) welcome.

The topic will be Boots on the Ground, a Call to Action for the Democratic Women of North Carolina.

Democratic Women Will! Democratic Women Lead!

The homework for this event is this:
Come to the Luncheon fully prepared to host a weekly canvas for 1-2 hours, bring dates, canvas meet up locations, contact information for the canvas leaders, and we will supply the list of places we are hoping to reach. The lists will be ready at the event. Will your group be ready to hit the ground and reverse gerrymandering and Jim Crow voter suppression? We hope so!

You will depart with an understanding of the far reaching effects of gerrymandering, voter purge, how Jim Crow has infiltrated every neighborhood in North Carolina and why Boots on the Ground matters so much and how important it is that the Democratic Women of North Carolina be the Point Break of the Blue Wave. #NCBlueWave2018


Clubhouse at Hampstead
1466 Royal Tern Drive, Hampstead, NC 24483-7131

Date & Time
April 28, 2018

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