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How To Vote by Mail:

You can vote from home by mailing an Absentee Ballot. Here’s how you can vote Absentee:

  1. Request your Absentee Ballot: To request an absentee ballot, a person must be a registered voter in their county of residence. You or a near relative must complete an Absentee Ballot Request Form (it must signed). This request can be mailed, scanned and emailed, or faxed to your county Board of Elections. It must be received 7 days before Election Day by  5PM.
  2. Receive Your Absentee Ballot: You’ll receive your Absentee Ballot by mail with three items: your ballot, a return envelope with a certified statement on it, and instruction sheet.
  3. Fill our the Ballot and the Certificate on the Return Envelope: Mark your ballot with your choices in the presence of two witnesses or a notary public who are 18 years old or older. The witnesses can’t violate your privacy while you vote, unless you need assistance due to a disability. Then, they must sign the certificate on the return envelope and include their addresses. Note: Don’t forget to sign it.
  4. Return the Ballot in the Envelope: To be counted, your county Board of Elections must receive your ballot by 5pm on Election Day, or the envelope must be postmarked by 5pm on Election Day and arrive by 5pm three days later. You can also drop off your ballot in the envelope an an Early Voting location or the county Board of Elections office on Election Day. Note: The envelope with your ballot can only be dropped off by the voter or their near relative.

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