June 21, 2019/Press

WRAL Editorial: “Moore, Berger flat-out wrong. Compromise, expand Medicaid now”

In Case You Missed It…The WRAL editorial board, like the majority of North Carolinians, has had enough of Sen. Phil Berger and Speaker Tim Moore’s “cruelty and thoughtlessness” in refusing to compromise with Governor Cooper and expand Medicaid now. As the editorial notes, Republican leadership’s four points of objection to Medicaid expansion are “wrong and misleading.”

Dan Forest also objects to expansion, and has cited the myth that there is no guarantee of continued federal funding as the basis for his opinion. (By the way, the federal government has never scaled back Medicaid funding before). But here’s the reality: Dan Forest opposes expansion yet has no plan to ensure access to healthcare to those the WRAL editorial board correctly describes as “North Carolina citizens most in need but least able to get it.”

The real Republican plan is to continue to put their political agenda over the lives of over half a million North Carolinians who stand to benefit from Medicaid expansion. And, if it isn’t already, it’ll become increasingly clear that the top item on that agenda is tax cuts for big corporations.


  • A large majority of North Carolina voters support expanding Medicaid. Remember, Medicaid expansion comes at relatively little cost to the state. Thirty-seven states have done it. Federal taxes collected here are paying for expansion in those states.
  • The state’s legislative leadership has unilaterally declared as off-the-table, compromise that would include any form of Medicaid expansion. It seems they just want Gov. Roy Cooper to compromise by saying their budget is great.
  • There are plenty of good reasons for the governor to veto the budget legislative leaders will shove through the General Assembly. But none surpass failure to expand Medicaid.
  • Sen. Phil Berger, Speaker Tim Moore, show some good faith and some concern for ALL North Carolinians. Agree to expand Medicaid now.

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