September 18, 2017/Press

Will Berger, Moore & NC Republicans Gut Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions & Essential Health Benefits?

Raleigh – D.C. Republicans are pushing a final, last-ditch effort to ram through a health care repeal that would end Medicaid as we know it and cancel tax credits and subsidies that help hundreds of thousands of NC families afford health care.

Not making headlines, however, is a provision in the repeal bill that would allow individual states to apply for waivers that drastically roll back vital consumer protections currently covered under the ACA. This would leave NC Republicans with a crucial choice:

Will Sen. Berger, Speaker Moore, and Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey push to apply for a state waiver to gut the ACA’s consumer protections if this repeal effort passes?

At risk is the ACA’s “essential health benefits,” basic medical care benefits such as maternity care, substance use disorder services, and prescription drugs. Under this new repeal bill, a state could allow for waivers that let insurers stop covering these essential health benefits or allow them to charge sick patients higher premiums.

Will Berger, Moore, and Causey push to make it legal for insurance companies to charge sick patients higher premiums and to cut coverage for basic medical needs like opioid addiction services?

“This latest Republican repeal effort is the worst one yet, and would give state leaders the power to roll back popular consumer protections” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “The thousands of North Carolina citizens who depend on these protections deserve to know whether Speaker Moore, Sen. Berger, and Commission Causey will look out for them or the big insurance corporations.”