March 14, 2018/Press

Where is the GOP Plan to Help Eastern NC Benefit from ACP?

Raleigh – It’s been more than a month since Republicans began their election year, partisan assault on Governor Cooper over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) Fund, yet legislative leaders have failed to offer even the framework for a concrete plan to make up the resources meant to help eastern NC.

The ACP Fund was established to help finance new gas line hookups, allowing businesses more reliable and better access to natural gas and bringing much needed jobs to eastern NC, according to internal emails from the NC Commerce department. Taps could cost more than $5 million.

Republicans have since jeopardized the funding, throwing those jobs and reliable access to natural gas for businesses out the window. With more than a month to figure out a solution, Republicans have instead lurched from one political conspiracy to another.

  • Where is Senator Berger and Speaker Moore’s plan to help eastern NC access the ACP?

According to the Rocky Mount City Utilities Director, Rocky Mount has missedout on big economic development projects because of a lack of natural gas, and Rocky Mount doesn’t currently know how the city will pay for needed natural gas extensions or taps from the pipeline – the expressed purpose of the ACP fund.

Senator Berger has hinted that the legislature will consider appropriating money for natural gas line extensions for communities like Rocky Mount after Republicans raided the fund designed to do this.

  • Do Senator Berger and Speaker Moore believe taxpayers should have to foot the bill for natural gas extensions, not a fund established by private entities to do just that?

Republicans refusal to even offer a framework for a solution to how eastern NC can access the ACP pipeline shows yet again this is all election year, partisan politics at the expense of eastern NC. If legislators were serious about helping the counties in the pipeline’s path, they’d put forward real solutions to help local businesses and communities access the pipeline instead of jeopardizing good jobs and economic development as they lurch from one conspiracy to another.

“Republicans’ decision to choose partisan attacks over taking concrete steps to help eastern North Carolina access the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is threatening good jobs, taxpayer money, and much needed economic development for counties in the pipelines path,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “Republicans will have to explain to voters this year why partisan politics was worth threatening $58 million in new jobs, economic development, and access to much needed natural gas.”