March 21, 2018/Press

What Did Sen. Tillis Discuss with Shady Data Firm’s CEO? What did NC GOP Know About Cambridge Analytica’s Theft of Personal Data?

Raleigh – This morning, Sen. Thom Tillis confirmed to reporters that he previously met with the CEO of the shady, Russian-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica, which stole personal data from 50 million Facebook users and is embroiled in the investigation into Russia’s interference in U.S. elections.

CNN: [Sen. Tillis] said he would be open to Cambridge testifying before Senate Judiciary – and he had met [Cambridge Analytica CEO] Alexander Nix just once, but says doesn’t remember much of that mtg

And in a statement last night to the News & Observer, Sen. Tillis said that the four separate payments to Cambridge Analytica in 2015 for $100,000 were “win bonuses,” while also stating that the firm did “limited” work for his campaign.

NC GOP’s story is shifting even faster than Sen. Tillis’ story. NC GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse has gone from suggesting that Cambridge Analytica be “forbidden from future work” to saying, “I’m not convinced this company did anything wrong,” and that what they did stealing personal information “is the kind of thing we routinely do.”

Each statement raises more questions than they answer, chief among them:

  • What did Sen. Tillis discuss when he met with embattled CEO Alexander Nix, who was recently dismissed from the company after reports showed him discussing potential bribery and entrapment?
  • What was the exact scope of work the firm performed for Sen. Tillis and the NC GOP? Was any stolen data used to support Sen. Tillis and the NC GOP?
  • Why did Sen. Tillis pay Cambridge Analytica a $100,000 “win bonus” in 2015 for what they describe as “limited” work? The $100,000 “win bonus” was more than 3x more than what the Tillis campaign paid them for their work during the 2014 election ($30,000).

“While the public learns more about this shady, Russian-linked firm and the connections between the North Carolina Republican Party and Senator Thom Tillis, North Carolina Republicans can’t keep their story straight,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “What did Senator Tillis discuss with Cambridge Analytica’s embattled CEO? Why are North Carolina Republicans changing their stories every day? The public deserves answers.”