May 13, 2019/Press

WATCH: Senator Tillis “Caved like a $4 Suitcase”

Raleigh – PBS NewsHour political analyst Mark Shields revealed exactly why Senator Thom Tillis earned a self-funding primary challenger who is already spending money on TV ads, noting that Senator Tillis “caved like a $4 suitcase” on the president’s emergency declaration.

The comment came during a discussion of Senator Burr’s subpoena of Donald Trump Jr., but also succinctly summarized what people across North Carolina now know about their junior senator – he’s a spineless Washington politician who will put his reelection effort and political career before what’s best for North Carolina. His weak flip-flopping is defining his reelection campaign and fueling backlash from North Carolinians of all political backgrounds.

Judy Woodruff ended the segment saying, “I’m thinking of a $4 suitcase.”

So are we, Judy, so are we.

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