March 29, 2018/Press

WATCH MSNBC Reveals Potentially Illegal Coordination Between Tillis, NC GOP, Bolton Super PAC and Cambridge Analytica

Raleigh – Last night, Rachel Maddow exposed the connections between the NC GOP, Thom Tillis, the John Bolton SuperPAC, and Cambridge Analytica during the 2014 election.

The segment examined how a British national and Cambridge Analytica employee, Tim Glister, worked on the ground for the NC GOP and Thom Tillis in 2014. NC GOP and Tillis have refused to release contracts with Cambridge Analytica, and Glister’s work raises serious questions about whether foreign workers illegally made decisions to influence an American election and whether Thom Tillis illegally coordinated with the John Bolton SuperPAC.

WATCH Online here

According to Maddow, Glister’s business website touts his work for Thom Tillis in 2014, including using an ad from the 2014 election to illustrate that work.

However, the ad wasn’t for the Tillis campaign or even the NC GOP, but instead was an ad for the John Bolton SuperPAC. Coordinating between campaigns and political parties and independent expenditures is illegal, but here Glister clearly laid out how he and Cambridge Analytica did just that.

And, in the clearest sign yet that something potentially illegal happened, Glister hastily pulled down the ad and reworded his website when questioned about it by MSNBC.

MSNBC’s bombshell report raises new questions for the NC GOP and Thom Tillis – and some old ones they refuse to answer – including whether they broke federal election law:

  • Can Thom Tillis and NC GOP prove that the Cambridge Analytica employee was not coordinating with John Bolton SuperPAC, in violation of campaign finance law?
  • Did Thom Tillis and NC GOP knowingly allow a foreign national help create and direct their advertising, communications, and messaging, as Tim Glister and Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie have stated?
  • Why are the Tillis campaign and NC GOP lying about having no foreign nationals making decisions during the 2014 campaign?
“It’s far past time the North Carolina Republican Party and Senator Thom Tillis come clean about not only their relationship with Cambridge Analytica but also their coordination with outside spending groups,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “This bombshell report clearly shows that Cambridge Analytica’s foreign workers were not only helping illegally direct campaign activities but were serving as a conduit between the NC GOP and Senator Tillis and the John Bolton SuperPAC.”