May 22, 2019/Press

VP Pence Visits NC to “Rescue” Senator Tillis as Washington Republicans Plan to “Carpet Bomb” Tillis’ Challenger

Raleigh – Washington Republicans are panicked about Senator Thom Tillis’ reelection chances – and they’re not hiding it well.

Barely a week into his primary fight and Senator Tillis is already calling in help, forcing the Vice President to come to North Carolina to “rescue” him from a “disruptive primary [that] could wreak havoc” on the full ticket. This morning, Washington Republicans announced plans to “carpet bomb” his challenger, Garland Tucker, one day after they forced a top advisor to cut ties with Tucker and less than a week after they launched attack after attack on Tucker that each landed with a thud.

Washington Republicans are answering Senator Tillis’ desperate call for help because he has shown time and time again that he’ll cave to their demands – even if it hurts North Carolina. Senator Tillis:

  • Caved like a $4 suitcase” on the emergency declaration, even as it threatened funding for military communities across the state.

North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Robert Howard released the following statement in response to Washington Republicans’ panicked attempts to “rescue” Senator Tillis:

“The DC swamp is kicking into high gear to prop up their fellow Washington insider Senator Thom Tillis. Today’s rescue mission is nothing more than Washington Republicans paying back Senator Tillis for losing his spine and choosing their interests over North Carolina on issue after issue.”