June 19, 2019/Press

Trump Puts Health Care on the “Front Burner,” Reminding Voters of Tillis’ Toxic Record

Raleigh – President Trump just won’t stop talking about health care, putting “the issue of health care back on the political front burner.” At his reelection campaign kickoff last night, Trump again made it clear he “is pushing for a specific plan he can take to on the campaign trail” after spending all week talking about health care.

While President Trump promises to “ride to reelection on an Obamacare repeal-and-replace train,” Senator Tillis can’t defend his own record siding with Washington Republicans on health care. Senator Tillis even refuses to oppose the dangerous Trump administration-backed lawsuit that would end the ACA and dismantle protections for North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions.

That’s a problem for Senator Tillis. The rising cost of health care is voters’ number one issue this election and Tillis has a long, toxic record from his time in Washington, on the campaign trail, and in Raleigh – a record that includes:

In the absence of real solutions, the Republican health care plan is the GOP lawsuit to end the entire Affordable Care Act. After voting for the tax law that sparked this lawsuit and refusing to condemn or take action against the lawsuit as the Trump administration threatens North Carolinians’ health care protections, Senator Tillis can’t escape his support for his party’s dangerous health care agenda in Washington.