May 9, 2019/Press

TODAY: Tillis Fundraises with National Republicans While Refusing to Meet with Constituents

Raleigh – Senator Thom Tillis is fundraising this afternoon with national Republicans, trying to stabilize his campaign after lackluster fundraising and a conservative revolt that resulted in a primary challenger.

But conservative activists aren’t the only ones frustrated with Senator Tillis.

Local constituents have been asking Senator Tillis to hold an in-person town hall or public event since he took office. Senator Tillis “vowed” to hold a town hall at an event two years ago – a promise he’s since broken, leading constituents to blast him as “Timid Tillis” for being too scared to face his constituents:

Outside of the RTP headquarters, around a dozen people lined the entrance to the facility on Davis Drive to protest the senator’s appearance. Those gathered outside of the event criticized Tillis for not holding any town hall meetings with his constituents on health care reform, as some of other politicians have chosen to do.

Inside the event, a local business owner named Steve Pogoloff, interrupted the event to ask the senator why he had not held any town halls, before referring to the former speaker of the North Carolina House of Representative as “timid Tillis.”

Now, not only is Senator Tillis breaking his promise to hold a town hall – he’s telling his constituents that the only way for them to see their junior senator is towrite a campaign check.

“Timid Tillis is too afraid to meet with his constituents and instead is hosting a behind-closed doors fundraiser with national Republicans to prop up his struggling campaign and lack of support in-state,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “The message for people across North Carolina is clear: Senator Tillis will meet with you, but only if you make a political donation first.”