May 2, 2019/Press

Timid Tillis Nowhere to Be Found as Trump Administration Gears Up Attacks on Protections for Preexisting Conditions

Raleigh – Yesterday, the Trump administration ramped up its “no-holds-barred effort” to rip away protections for people with preexisting conditions, raise the cost of maternity care, and end critical provisions like allowing children to stay on their parents’ health care until 26 – and predictably, Senator Tillis was nowhere to be found.

Across North Carolina, families are worried about their health care – one Charlotte-area mother told WCCB, “it feels like our government doesn’t care about us or our children.” Yet when North Carolinians need their senator to stand up for them, he is silent and refuses to take action.

Instead, Senator Tillis has shown repeatedly that he’s more concerned with protecting his political career than protections people with preexisting conditions.

Since the administration backed this lawsuit, Senator Tillis has tried to paper over his past pushes to rip up our health care system while pushing a sham health care bill that was immediately panned as a “false promise” that “would do little to protect people with pre-existing conditions” and left many of the protections found in the ACA that would now be eliminated by this lawsuit on “cutting room floor.”

“Senator Tillis cannot claim with a straight face that he supports protections for people with preexisting conditions while repeatedly refusing to take action against a dangerous lawsuit that would rip out those very protections, root and stem,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “It’s painfully clear for families across North Carolina that they can’t trust Senator Tillis to take real action to protect their health care coverage against this lawsuit.”