December 27, 2018/Press

TIMELINE: GOP’s Contradictions & Shifting Story on SBOE, NC09

Raleigh – Over the past month, North Carolina Republicans, both legislative leaders and party officials, have offered confusing, sometimes contradictory positions on the State Board of Elections and its investigation into NC-09.

These flailing attacks and inconsistent positions, which forced legislators to come back for a last-ditch, lame-duck session two days after Christmas, are attempts to distract from what’s becoming more apparent by the day: systematic electoral fraud from a Republican campaign to steal an election.

  • First, legislative leaders requested a stay to keep the current board makeup and threatened oversight over an apparent “lack of transparency,” while the party demanded Harris be seated.
  • Then, legislative leaders agreed we should constitute a new board, while party leaders agreed a new election is necessary.
  • Now, legislators are rushing through a provision to make the investigation less transparent while party leaders again say it should certify the election.

“North Carolina Republicans contradictions’ and shifting story is enough to make your head spin,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “Republicans keep changing their tune because they privately know what is becoming clearer by the day: a public investigation into NC-09 will reveal systematic fraud by a Republican campaign to steal an election.”

Linked here is a quick look at the contradictions and hypocrisy over the past month.