April 11, 2019/Press

Tillis’ Vote for Oil Lobbyist David Bernhardt is a Vote to Open Up NC’s Coast to Offshore Drilling

Raleigh – Senator Tillis just cast his vote to confirm oil lobbyist David Bernhardtas the new Secretary of the Interior, selling out coastal Carolinians, local economies, and our pristine beaches in favor of an a former oil lobbyist intent to open up the North Carolina coast to offshore drilling – despite the fact that hundreds of North Carolina businesses and organizations have come out against offshore drilling.

Tillis has long been on the wrong side of coastal Carolinians. Tillis’ first ever speech on the Senate floor was to promote opening up our coasts to offshore drilling, a position Tillis confirmed last month, saying that he continues to support “the process” of opening up our shores to offshore drilling.

In separate recent comments, Tillis bent over backwards to get in line with President Trump, saying he and the Trump administration are “in the same place” on offshore drilling. Last year, the Trump administration proposed opening almost all of the nation’s coasts, including the coasts off North Carolina, to offshore drilling.

Nearly 200 businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community groups have come out against offshore drilling off North Carolina’s coast and at least 30 coastal communities have passed resolutions opposing drilling or seismic testing.

“Thom Tillis again sold out North Carolina, voting for an oil lobbyist and industry insider who wants to open up our coast to offshore drilling,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “On issue after issue, Tillis weakly bends over backwards to stay on President Trump’s good side, even when it hurts our state. Tillis turned his back on our coastline and coastal communities that depend on clean water and tourism to thrive.”