June 17, 2019/Press

Tillis Again Forced to Defend Toxic Health Care Record as Trump Teases New Health Care Plan

Raleigh – Over the weekend, President Trump announced that his administration will release a new health care plan “within a month or two,” reaffirming that health care will be the defining issue of the 2020 election and that vulnerable Republican senator Thom Tillis will have to defend his disastrous record every day on the campaign trail.

Senator Tillis has tried to cover up his toxic record with a “false promise” on health care – but President Trump continues to blow Senator Tillis’ cover, forcing the issue while also confirming that Tillis will have to defend Republican efforts “going for the rest” of the health care system.

“The rest” includes important provisions that protect patients with preexisting conditions, ensure better maternity care coverage, allow kids to stay on their parents’ insurance longer, and bar insurers from imposing annual and lifetime limits, charging women more just because of their gender, and offering skimpier coverage without essential benefits like mental health care.

It’s not just deeply unpopular legislation Tillis is forced to defend. Earlier this month marked the one year anniversary of Republicans arguing in federal court that “protections for pre-existing conditions should be ruled unconstitutional.” And while Tillis was happy to pass the deeply unpopular tax law that laid the groundwork for this dangerous lawsuit, he’s refused to take a stand against the suit, sticking by his campaign promise that “we must use every tool available” to tear down the Affordable Care Act.

Gallup recently found that Americans are most likely to say health care costs, more than any other issue, are the “most important financial problem facing their family.” According to a separate poll by The Associated Press, voters trust Democrats on health care by a 17 point margin.

More than just politics, Tillis’ weakness is already causing anxiety for many North Carolina families. One Charlotte-area mother told WCCB, “it feels like our government doesn’t care about us or our children,” while another said she just “wants to keep her kid safe.”

“Every day of this campaign, Senator Tillis will have to explain his toxic record on health care, from pushing again and again to gut important protections to spinelessly refusing to stand up to a dangerous lawsuit he helped create,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “President Trump, D.C. insiders like Senator Thom Tillis, and the special interests who back him will never stop coming after North Carolinians’ health care, which is why North Carolina will send a new voice to Washington next fall.”