June 4, 2019/Press

Tillis Admits Trump Tariffs Are a “Tax,” Gives “Unequivocal Support”

Raleigh – Senator Tillis, terrified of his primary challenge and a conservative base in open revolt, is caving to the far-right and offering his “unequivocal support” of President Trump’s disastrous planned tariffs on Mexico, saying, “Right now I’m giving the president a lot of leeway on these issues” and that “the President is right” even while separately acknowledging the tariffs “could act as a tax on Americans.”

Tillis’ rightward lurch comes as his Senate Republican colleagues signal “strong resistance to new tariffs on Mexico” and the resulting cost to consumers, potentially setting up a “major clash” with Congress. (Then again, most Senate Republicans don’t have a primary challenger…)

Meanwhile, North Carolina farmers, consumers, and businesses are set to feel the sting of any new tariffs. “Pork producers will be in cross-hairs” of the planned tariffs and have already lost $2.5 billion over the past year thanks to Trump-Tillis trade wars. Others are already feeling the crunch:

“Now that Senator Tillis has surrendered to the far-right activists of his party, we can just assume that he’ll be a rubberstamp for President Trump’s most damaging policies, even when hardworking North Carolina farmers end up in the cross-hairs,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Let this sink in: Senator Tillis is fine with effectively raising taxes on North Carolinians through new tariffs because he’s terrified of losing his seat to a primary challenger.”