September 17, 2019/Press

Tillis Ad Talks Tough But North Carolinians Know He’s “Weak-Spined”

Raleigh – Senator Tillis launched his reelection campaign this week with a giant, red panic button, dumping “half of the $4.4 million that the campaign had on hand” on a primary ad “designed to blunt criticism from within his own party” that desperately tries to recast Tillis.

Tillis’ campaign launch is just the latest sign he’s panicked by his GOP primary – he’s been booed at not one but two Trump rallies; more North Carolina GOP primary voters hold a negative view of him than positive; and he has the lowest approval rating of any U.S. Senator running for reelection. As one non-partisan analyst put it, “If anyone needed a sign that Tillis is vulnerable in a primary, this ad is a flashing red light.

“Senator Tillis launched his wobbling reelection campaign this past week facing a chorus of boos from skeptical Republican voters and scathing criticism from North Carolina editorial boards after his spineless decision to cave to President Trump cost the state’s military bases $80 million in funding,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “North Carolinians won’t be fooled by a tough-talking ad when they know the real Senator Tillis is a spineless politician who puts his reelection chances before what’s best for North Carolina.”

North Carolinians won’t buy his attempt to reinvent himself. Here’s what they’ve been saying about the real Thom Tillis:

CBC: Editorial: Sen. Tillis delivers flip-flop for the ages

  • “What Tillis says he believes and what he does are now revealed to be VERY different things – particularly when a re-election is on the line.”

Charlotte Observer: Editorial: Thom Tillis’ terrible, no good and totally predictable bad day

  • “When you buy political favor in exchange for your principles, the bill is always more than you thought it would be.”

Charlotte Observer: Editorial: Thom Tillis deserts himself for Trump

  • “For a few shining days, the Republican senator from North Carolina had a backbone. Then, in one crumbling moment Thursday afternoon, it went away.”

Fayetteville Observer: Editorial: Tillis performs an Olympic gold flip-flop

  • “This week, principle crumbled and Tillis — who’s up for re-election in 2020 and definitely keeping track of which way the wind’s blowing — joined the majority of Republicans in the Senate to vote against the measure

WFAE: Column: For Thom Tillis, This Was Not A Profile In Courage

  • “Tillis caved like a sand castle at high tide”

Greensboro News & Record: Editorial: Robbing Peter to pay for a wall

  • Tillis “supports just about everything Trump wants.”

PBS: NewsHour

  • Senator Tillis “caved like a $4 suitcase”

MSNBC: Morning Joe on “GOP Senators Whose State Will Lose Money to Trump’s Wall”

  • “Thom Tillis… he just stole $80 million from your state! How WEAK are you?”

News & Observer: LTEs: Tillis is a senator with flexible convictions. NC deserves better.

  • “Tillis is a man without conviction; shrinking, timid and trembling…”
  • “North Carolina and its citizens deserve senators who will stand by their convictions and stand up against a bully president. Thom Tillis has failed that test in spades.”
  • “Do we want someone in Washington representing our interests who only seems to be worried about getting re-elected, or someone who can take the heat and stand up for what he really believes?”

The Dispatch: LTE: Weak-spined Tillis bows to Trump

  • “Sen. Thom Tillis has the backbone of an invertebrate”

National Journal: The GOP’s Spineless Caucus

  • Tillis “threw away his closely held principles in warp speed”

NC Policy Watch: Profiles in Courage… and Cowardice

CBC: Spineless