May 24, 2019/Press

“The Knives are Coming Out” – Fallout from NC GOP Civil War Grows

Raleigh – A “Republican civil war” is brewing in North Carolina. National Republicans (outside of the president) are propping up Senator Tillis while in-state conservatives and outside groups line up behind primary challengers because of “a growing belief that Tillis is vulnerable — both in the primary and general elections.”

While “the bad blood is already brewing,” now “the knives are coming out.”

This morning, unnamed North Carolina Republican operatives trashed Senator Tillis to The Hill as weak and encouraged outside challengers to jump into the race:

“As a Republican, and you’re polling Republicans, and your hard reelect number is 17 percent, you’re so far underwater, you need a SCUBA tank, not a snorkel,” said one North Carolina Republican operative. “A bruising primary with Tillis as the nominee does no more damage than the self-inflicted gunshot wounds he’s already done to himself.”

Senator Tillis is underwater because he’s weak and, according to one NCGOP operative, “abandoned his principles.” Republicans pointed out “two potentially fatal moves” where Senator Tillis revealed how weak he is:

The main reason for a possible [primary] bid is Tillis’s standing in the state. According to multiple GOP sources, Tillis has work to do back home after making two potentially fatal moves: helping push a bill to protect Mueller, and penning an op-ed in which he opposed Trump’s emergency declaration to build a wall at the southern border.

On top of all this backstabbing from in-state Republicans, the only person defending Senator Tillis is a former McConnell staffer – an increasingly common occurrence, as national Republican rush to “rescue” and prop up their establishment candidate.

Read the full report from The Hill online here, and read more about Senator Tillis’ “potentially fatal” flaws here: