September 5, 2018/Press

Ted Budd Scrubs His Website of Any Mention of Health Care or the ACA

Raleigh – Vulnerable Republican Representative Ted Budd purged his website of any mention of health care, the Affordable Care Act, or his long-standing desire to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, even though it was prominently displayed on his website just two years ago, according to a review fromThinkProgress.

In 2016, Ted Budd listed getting rid of Obamacare as one of the reasons he was running:

“Our federal government is too big, plain and simple. Excessive debt, red tape, and taxes stifle job growth. Look no further than Obamacare for a stifling, big-government program that is wreaking havoc on our economy and health care. I will do everything I can to repeal every word of Obamacare and replace it with patient-centered reforms.

Now, you can’t even find the word “health care” on his “why I’m running” section.

Probably because the Affordable Care Act’s popularity continues to rise while the popularity of Republican representatives like Ted Budd who voted to end patient protections continues to fall.

No matter what website language he scrubs, Budd can’t hide the fact that he voted to strip millions of Americans of their health insurance, to threaten protections for preexisting conditions, and to hit those suffering from the addiction crisis the hardest.

“Ted Budd can try to whitewash his past, but he can’t run from his disastrous vote to kick millions of North Carolinians off their health insurance, decimate protections for preexisting conditions, and jeopardize efforts to stem the opioid epidemic,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “His vote to make it harder for those facing addiction to get care will come back to haunt him this November, no matter what his website says.”