August 28, 2017/Press

State Board of Elections Attack is About Voting Rights – Plain and Simple

Raleigh – Today, the North Carolina Supreme Court heard a case that could cripple North Carolinians’ fundamental right to vote. The changes to the state Board of Elections are a subtle yet extremely dangerous threat to voting rights – and are just the latest in the long line of ALEC-directed, Koch brother-funded attacks on citizens’ most basic right.

The GOP assault on voting rights comes down to two points:

  1. A 4 GOP – 4 Democratic member deadlock will ensure a paralysis where the Board of Elections defaults to the most restrictive access to the polls – reduced early voting hours, fewer early voting locations, and other initiatives that restrict, not expand, people’s right to vote.
  2. A GOP member would lead the board in even-numbered years, a brazen move to ensure that Republicans are in power when the most hotly contested races are run – and when the most people would vote.

These changes go beyond petty politics or power grabs from the unconstitutionally elected Republican caucus. This is about access to the ballot box, and political gain from restricting who can vote.

Republicans understand that their electoral chance “goes up as the voting populace goes down,” as ALEC’s founder bluntly stated. The GOP-led changes to the state Board of Elections are about voting rights, and are the culmination of years of attacks from right-wing groups like the Koch network on who can and cannot vote.

“Look past the spin and the rhetoric and this case is about North Carolina citizens most fundamental right – the right to vote,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “The changes are a new yet subtle and subversive tactic in Republican’s Koch-brother funded attack on voting rights, and the justices must reject these dangerous attacks and side with North Carolina voters.”