August 28, 2019/Press

Spineless Tillis Refuses to Stand up to Trump Administration Effort to Raid FEMA Funds

Raleigh – Senator Thom Tillis today refused to stand up to the Trump administration’s decision to raid over $150 million from disaster relief. When asked about a NBC News report on the Trump administration’s new effort to divert funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Disaster Relief Fund that “would have been used in the current budget to prepare to respond to natural disasters, such as hurricanes,” Senator Tillis passed the buck, saying that the funding was allocated happened “during the Bush administration.”

That’s not the first time Tillis’ spineless decisions have hurt disaster preparation and recovery. When he was Speaker of the House, Senator Tillis signed a law preventing the state from considering up-to-date climate science on sea-level rise when making policies.

That decision made North Carolina a national laughingstock – Stephen Colbert mocked it as leaving North Carolinians to “sink or swim.” But Tillis’ decision had more wide-ranging consequences. Outlets warned it “could make hurricanes like Florence more damaging” while experts flatly said ignoring sea level rise “is incredibly dangerous.”

One group was happy with Tillis’ decision: the developer and business special interest backers who have funded his campaigns.

“If Senator Tillis wants to help North Carolinians, he can start by dropping the partisan attacks and actually stand up to President Trump’s decision to raid millions meant to help states like North Carolina prepare for future damaging hurricanes,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Senator Tillis has had a direct role in kneecapping our state’s efforts to adequately prepare for natural disasters. It’s clear Senator Tillis is more concerned about his primary and reelection campaigns than doing his job, which is why he’s yet again refusing to stand up to the President even when it hurts our state.”