August 23, 2019/Press

Speaker Moore Says 4 More Months of Session, Yet Won’t Negotiate

Raleigh – On Tim Moore’s timeline, we’ll be donning mittens and sipping hot chocolate by the time this legislative session comes to a close. On Tuesday, the House Speaker told the Insider that lawmakers should prepare to be in Raleigh until December:

“Plenty to keep us busy through December. I don’t see us, at this point, leaving unless we have either overridden the veto or dealt with the budget in other ways.” –Speaker Tim Moore

It’s been 45 days since the Governor sent Republican leaders his compromise proposal on the budget. Instead of holding the budget override vote or responding with their counteroffer, Republicans continue to pout – costing the taxpayers over a million dollars in the process.

Republican complaints ring hollow while Governor Cooper’s compromise sits on their desks, awaiting any form of action. Like the Governor said:

“If they don’t want Medicaid expansion in their counteroffer, don’t put Medicaid expansion in your counteroffer. But they have done nothing.”

While Republican leaders obstinately refuse to do much of anything, North Carolina teachers are preparing for back to school without their scheduled raises or guaranteed funding for school construction. The ball is in Republicans’ court – stop the obstruction, hold the override vote, propose a counteroffer, and do your job.