January 18, 2018/Press

Speaker Moore: NC Unconstitutional Gerrymandering A “Model” for Other States

RALEIGH – Yesterday, Speaker Tim Moore said North Carolina is a “model” for redistricting. If other states took Moore’s advice, here’s what they would have to look forward to:

Losing in court – a lot
Federal courts have ruled North Carolina’s legislative and congressional maps illegal gerrymanders – racial and, last week, for the first time ever, partisan. Judges haven’t been amused by the transparent Republican power grabs.

“Rather than seeking to advance any democratic or constitutional interest, the state legislator responsible for drawing the 2016 Plan said he drew the map to advantage Republican candidates because he ‘think[s] electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats…but that is not a choice the Constitution allow legislative map drawers to make.” – Court Opinion ruling NC Congressional Maps an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander

Wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money
Republicans have spent nearly $7 million dollars in taxpayer money defending their maps in court. That number is sure to grow as Republican lawmakers refuse to redraw NC’s congressional districts and attempt to rig our independent judiciary by gerrymandering judicial districts.

Making national news
North Carolina has become the poster-child for everything that’s wrong with gerrymandering, making national headlines for our egregious districts and the radical policies that result from them.

“Republicans unconstitutional gerrymandering has hurt our state by allowing politicians to choose their voters, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, and opening the door for radical legislation,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “Speaker Moore’s tone-deaf comments show just how out of touch he is with North Carolinians who want fair districts that give everyone a voice.”