September 19, 2017/Press

Speaker Moore Caught Playing Politics with Clean Water and GenX – Again

Raleigh – Three times New Hanover Democratic Rep. Deb Butler has asked NC House Speaker Tim Moore to be on the General Assembly’s Environmental Review Committee, which is charged with addressing GenX. Three times she’s been denied or left in limbo, according to the Star News.

The reason? She’s a Democrat.

Rep. Butler is the only member of the local delegation not on the committee. She deserves a seat at the table so her constituents have a voice on a public health matter that directly affects them.

“Just the unabashed partisanship of it all — there’s no other reason to exclude me from it except for the fact that I’m a Democrat.That is the only reason. If anybody should be on it, it should be me.” – Rep. Butler.

Speaker Moore, however, is more interested in playing politics and undermining Democrats than ensuring our state has clean water. This isn’t the first time Speaker Moore has played politics with GenX:

  • He and Sen. Berger passed a faux response to the issue by tying it to a repeal of the coastal plastic bag ban, an unpopular, far-right issue.
  • Their “solution” included zero funding for the regulators who have actually stopped Chemours from releasing GenX into the river.
  • Moore’s response came even as the local utility called for “more robust regulations” and “more funding for the regulators” from the General Assembly.

Now add to this list that he’s refusing to hear from a local member solely because she’s a Democrat and it’s clear Speaker Moore would rather play politics and undermine his party’s opponents than appropriately tackle a pressing public health issue.

“People deserve clean water regardless of politics, and local representatives and their constituents deserve to have their voice heard regardless of their political party,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Speaker Moore should drop this partisan attack and instead work constructively, in a bipartisan, transparent manner to ensure everyone in southeast North Carolina has safe drinking water.”