March 26, 2018/Press

SHOT/CHASER: Thom Tillis & NC GOP Have Some Explaining To Do

SHOT: “Cambridge Analytica was one of many vendors that provided limited services during my campaign.” – Thom Tillis (Raleigh News and Observer, 3/20/18)

CHASER: “There were three or four full-time CA staffers embedded in Tillis’s campaign on the ground in Raleigh. All of them were foreign nationals.” – Chris Wyle, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower (NBC News, 3/23/18)

MAYBE ANOTHER CHASER?: A second former senior Cambridge staffer also said that most of the messaging team in 2014 was composed of foreign nationals. The staffer confirmed that there were foreign nationals in North Carolina working on the Tillis campaign. (NBC News, 3/23/18)

NEED MORE CHASER? THAT WAS BITTER: Wylie said that his largely foreign team instructed the Tillis campaign “on the messaging. We crafted his messaging, we targeted his messaging.” (NBC News, 3/23/18)

LIME: “To the extent you are aware of foreign nationals providing services, including polling and marketing, it would appear that unless it is being done through US citizens, or foreign nationals with green cards, the activity would violate the law.” – A legal memo from Cambridge Analytica’s own lawyer, (The Guardian, 3/17/18)