December 13, 2017/Press

Shot/Chaser: Sen. Berger Criticizes Making the Judiciary a “Partisan Battleground,” Forgets He Made the Judiciary a Partisan Battleground

SHOT: December 2017: “…Roy Cooper and the Democrat party are now attempting to turn the judiciary into a full-time partisan battleground to achieve political outcomes they don’t have the votes to deliver on their own.” — Senate President Pro Tem Berger responding to NCDP’s lawsuit to prevent the elimination of judicial primaries, WRAL, 12/13/17

CHASER: March 2017 HEADLINE: “North Carolina returns to partisan judicial elections”

“House Bill 100 makes Superior Court and District Court elections partisan, completing a change that the legislature began with appellate courts including the state Supreme Court.” – News & Observer, 3/23/17