August 28, 2018/Press

SHOT/CHASER: NCGA Leaders Breathlessly Complain About the Sanctity of Our Elections, “Impossible” Timeline

SHOT: Republican leaders criticize courts for “canceling” an election. “’In yesterday’s decision, the three-judge panel forecasted voiding the results of primaries and canceling the November election for Congress,’ [Berger and Moore’s] statement said. ‘Such an action would irreparably disrupt campaigns from both major parties across the state that have been organizing, raising money and trying to win over voters.’” (News & Observer, 8/28/18)

CHASER: North Carolina Republicans already canceled an election in 2018 – primaries for statewide judicial contests. HEADLINE: Cooper veto overturned; 2018 judicial primaries canceled. (WRAL, 10/17/17) (P.S. We all know how that turned out for them.)

SECOND SHOT: Republicans leaders also claim it is “simply impossible” to create new maps in time for the 2018 elections. “Berger and Moore also took issue with the quick turnaround that any plan would require, with the elections fast approaching. ‘What the court suggests is simply impossible,’ they said.” (News & Observer, 8/28/18)

ANOTHER CHASER: Republicans rewrote and passed two new deceptive constitutional amendments in two days – less than a week after the courts shot down the old ones. Just because legislative Republicans don’t want to create new, fairer maps doesn’t mean it’s “simply impossible.” “The N.C. House passed new language for a pair of proposed constitutional amendments Friday, paving the way for the amendments to get back on statewide ballots this November after a three-judge panel removed them earlier this week.” (WRAL, 8/24/18)