March 13, 2018/Press

SHOT/CHASER: NC GOP’s Utter Lack of Credibility on ACP Fund

SHOT: NC GOP says a call for federal investigation is “a serious matter, and not taken lightly” [NCGOP Press Release, 3/13/18]

CHASER: NC GOP “doesn’t have evidence to point to”

“Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse said the group doesn’t have evidence to point to beyond what’s publicly known about the project, but it feels a federal inquiry is warranted.” [WRAL, 3/13/18]

“Republicans are flailing from one conspiracy to the next because they’re terrified of the wave of Democratic enthusiasm that is going to sweep them out of office,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Republicans latest conspiracy theory has no evidence behind it, revealing just how desperate they are to take the focus off their efforts to rig the system for their own political benefit.”