October 27, 2017/Press

Shot/Chaser: GOP Loves Out-of-State Redistricting Experts Until They Don’t

SHOT: After NC Republicans refused to draw fair maps, the court was forced to appoint a nonpartisan expert who the GOP slammed for “potentially delegating the legislature’s constitutional authority to draw districts to a lone professor in California with no accountability to North Carolinians.” – Reps. Lewis and Hise Statement, 10/26/17

CHASER: HEADLINE: How North Carolina has outsourced redistricting

“While the General Assembly will ultimately vote on the new court-ordered plan, the real work has actually been outsourced to the national Republican Party’s redistricting top gun – Tom Hofeller, the same person who designed the state’s heavily gerrymandered political maps in 2011.” – News and Observer, 8/8/17