May 13, 2019/Press

Senator Tillis Voted For A Tax Hike On Gold Star Families. Why Isn’t He Trying To Fix It?

Raleigh – In 2017, Senator Thom Tillis helped pass the Republican tax bill that gave massive breaks to billionaires and corporations while leaving most Americans behind. Now, his reckless tax handout is having another repercussion — unfairly hiking taxes on Gold Star families. And while some Democrats and Republicans in the Senate — including Sen. Burr — are working together to come up with a solution, Senator Tillis is nowhere to be found.

Senator Tillis and Senate Republicans had no problem giving the wealthiest 1% of Americans a whopping 83% of the benefits from their tax bill. Yet the the 2017 Republican tax law actually increased taxes for some children in Gold Star families. Specifically, children who receive benefits related to a parent’s death are now taxed at a much higher rate, as though the benefits were proceeds from a trust fund.

Although the proposed fix legislation is cosponsored by a bipartisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Senate Tillis does not appear to be among them, and he hasn’t so much as commented on the punishing tax hike for Gold Star families in the bill that he supported.

“It’s clear that when Senator Tillis helped push through a tax handout to corporations and the wealthy, he wasn’t thinking about the consequences,” said North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Robert Howard. “Now, North Carolina Gold Star families are paying the price – and instead of working to make things right, Senator Tillis is laying low. Why won’t he own up to his mistake and work to reverse his Gold Star family tax hike?”