September 10, 2019/Press

Senator Tillis Back in Washington, Still Not Doing Anything About His $80 Million Flip-Flop

Raleigh – Fresh off a GOP rally last night where he was booed not once but twice, Senator Thom Tillis is back in Washington this week — but don’t expect him to make any bold moves to restore the $80 million his “Olympic gold flip-flop” is costing North Carolina’s military installations. The Washington Post reports that “no state got hit harder than North Carolina” and North Carolinians have wasted no time slamming Tillis for “allow[ing] $80 million to be diverted from people who really serve our country,” yet Senator Tillis has so far refused to take steps to reverse the cuts that he knew would come “at the expense of work we’re doing at Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg through military construction” – doing nothing to put to rest the ongoing credibility problems that continue to plague his campaign.

Here’s what they’re saying about Senator Tillis’ latest failure to stand up for North Carolina:

  • Washington Post: “Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) — who initially announced his opposition to Trump’s emergency declaration only to reverse himself just before the vote to overturn it — stands to lose about $80 million in military projects in North Carolina.”
  • Charlotte Observer: Editorial: “Trump’s wall already was the source of one of the senator’s weakest moments. As N.C. voters surely remember, Tillis announced in February that he would vote against the president’s effort to circumvent Congress and pay for the wall by declaring a national emergency at the southern border. Three weeks later, he backed down and gave his blessing and vote to the president’s overreach. Now that decision will doubly haunt him.”
  • News & Observer: LTE: “I’d like Sen. Thom Tillis to explain himself to the soldiers. He lost $80 million in planned military construction dollars to the border wall that was supposed to [be] paid for by Mexico. If he is not ashamed of himself, he should know that the people of North Carolina are ashamed and embarrassed by his lack [of] representation.”
  • MSNBC: Morning Joe: “I would like to be running against Thom Tillis in North Carolina, either in the Republican primary or against him in the fall, and please explain to me, Senator Tillis, why you allowed $80 million to be diverted from people who really serve our country… he just stole $80 million from your state! How weak are you?”
  • Washington Post: The Trailer: “shortly after denouncing the president’s decision to declare a border emergency as a way to reallocate money not appropriated for the border wall, GOP Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina voted to support it… No state got hit harder than North Carolina, where $80 million appropriated for improvements at military bases will be sent to build the wall. That has gotten Tillis mocked by any number of his critics and Democratic opponents.”
  • Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Tillis’s initial effort to buck the president on the emergency declaration for the wall quickly collapsed after broad opposition from Republicans in his state. While he reversed himself and ultimately came out in support of the emergency declaration, the skepticism was costly, spurring primary challengers to enter the race.”
  • CNBC: Tillis “could face political backlash as the Trump administration will transfer a major chunk of change out of the state: $80 million from three sites. More than $32 million of the sum, funds to replace an elementary school at Fort Bragg, was previously canceled.”
  • Bloomberg: “A handful of Republican senators seeking re-election next year are facing cuts in their states, including Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who penned a Washington Post op-ed to oppose Trump’s emergency declaration, only to later flip and vote with the president in March.”
  • The Hill: “Hurricane-ravaged bases in Florida, North Carolina and Puerto Rico are among the military sites that will lose funds… The list includes projects in states represented by Republican senators who voted in support of Trump’s emergency declaration. Those include Thom Tillis (N.C.), whose state has three projects on the list worth a combined $80 million”