January 10, 2018/Press

Senate “Balking” At GenX Bill that’s 6 Months Late & A Dollar Short

Raleigh – House Republicans today trotted out new legislation aimed at combatting GenX. A closer look shows that this bill is nothing but political cover – cover that’s a day late and dollar short.

This new bill doesn’t get the job done for several reasons:

  • It’s 6 Months Late. Six-months have passed since DHHS and DEQ submitted a modest yet detailed plan to help protect water quality.
  • The Scope of the Contamination Has Grown, Demanding an Even More Robust Response. Since the state learned about GenX, potentially dangerous contaminants have been found in new areas, including private wells and schools, sparking new concerns over air emissions.
  • There’s No New Appropriations. The bill reallocates $1,325,000 already appropriated to DEQ and Commerce. Six months later and Republicans give $0 in new funds to fight GenX.
  • It Falls Short of Giving DEQ & DHHS What They Need to Combat GenX. Both agencies requested a simple, detailed, modest funding request to protect our drinking water. This re-allocated money covers half of that, provides no funding for DHHS, and doesn’t repeal the Hardison Amendment, which forces NC to abide by standards set by the Trump administration.

And now even that’s apparently too much for Senate Republicans, who are leaving town without taking up this meager GenX proposal or a fix to their class size mandate:

@LisaSorg: Sources tell me that the Senate is balking at the #GenX bill, esp. Sen. Andy Wells. Nonetheless, House will hear it at 3:15 in approp, then on the floor tonight @NCPolicyWatch #ncga #ncpol

@RaleighReporter: Senate is adjourning until Friday, which will be a skeletal session with no votes. Is GenX bill a non-starter in Senate? #ncpol #ncga

It seems the only thing on Senator Berger’s agenda is politicizing our courts, not solving the very real issues facing thousands of North Carolinians.

“This legislation is more than a day late and a dollar short,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “And even that seems to be too much for Senate Republicans, who continue to show the only reason they show up to work is to rig the system for their own political benefit, not fixing the pressing issues facing North Carolina citizens. Republicans have the wrong priorities and it’s time they start dealing with the issues facing our state instead of creating new ones.”