March 21, 2018/Press

Republican Hypocrisy on Full Display As NC GOP Attack, Threaten a State Board of Elections They Created

Raleigh – In a stunning show of hypocrisy, North Carolina Republicans are now attacking the make-up and decision-making of the State Board of Elections after passing a law last month creating the new board.

The State Board of Elections was historically under the Governor’s control. Republicans tried three separate times to wrest control over the board away from its historical makeup, proving (temporarily) successful the third time, part of their HB90 omnibus bill which passed into law last Friday. That bill mandated that the board be made up of 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans; those members then select a 9th member who is unaffiliated with either party.

The board did that earlier today, advancing two nominations – both of which the Republican members of the board unanimously voted for. Now, Republicans are crying foul over the picks, calling one “wholly unqualified” and “the beginning of the end of that body.” In fact, Republicans are so furious at the system they themselves created that they’re now threatening a constitutional amendment to further rig our state board of elections.

“Republicans created a new board, which functioned as they themselves legislated, yet because Republicans are now not getting their way, they are threatening to blow up the system yet again,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Republicans’ blatant, hypocritical efforts to further rig a system they themselves already rigged is simply stunning.”