October 29, 2018/Press

Representative Ted Budd Violates U.S. Criminal Law, New Complaint Details

Raleigh — Today, a new complaint revealed that Representative Ted Budd violated federal law for accepting illegal campaign contributions. Representative Budd’s Chief of Staff illegally contributed to his boss’s campaign, not once, but at least twice since January 1, 2017, as outlined in a letter sent to the House Committee on Ethics and found online here.

According to a public report filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Representative Budd’s campaign committee, Ted Budd for Congress, accepted illegal contributions from his Congressional Chief of Staff in direct violation of U.S. criminal law. As outlined in the letter, it is illegal for a Congressional staffer to make a contribution to his or her employing representative or to the representative’s authorized campaign committee.

“Based on the committee’s FEC report, there is no question that Representative Budd’s campaign completely disregarded the federal law and repeatedly accepted campaign contributions from an employee from Rep. Budd’s official office,” the letter states. “These illegal contributions undermine the integrity of the House, and Office of Congressional Ethics should investigate Representative Budd’s conduct immediately. If we can’t trust Representative Budd to be honest in his campaign how can we trust him in Congress?”

“Taking illegal contributions shows a concerning lack of judgement from Representative Budd,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Then again, Budd has a clear history of questionable ethics, including hiring not one by two lobbyists and taking lavish trips paid for by big money special interests. Budd continues to show he’ll cut any corner to get elected and help out the corporations and special interests that back him.”


  • Hired Lobbyists to Manage his Office
    • Budd was the only freshman Congressman to hire two special interest lobbyists as top staffers. [Get the fact here]
  • Took Campaign Contributions from Special Interests, then Voted Their Way
    • Budd received over $360,000 from the financial industry after just one term in Congress, and thousands from predatory payday lenders, who take advantage of working families by charging 300% interest or more – and then voted to protect those payday lenders and weaken consumer protections. [Get the facts here]
    • Budd voted for tax breaks to corporations that contributed to him, adding $1.9 trillion to the deficit, and wants to pay for it by either cutting Social Security and Medicare or raising taxes on our children. All to give 83% of the benefits to the wealthiest Americans. [Get the facts here]
  • Accepted Lavish Trips Funded by Special Interests
    • Budd took exclusive, special interest-funded trips to luxurious places like Palm Beach and Norway. [Get the facts here]
  • Traveled the World on the Taxpayer’s Dime
    • Budd traveled to Japan and Korea on the taxpayers dime to the tune of over $13,000. [Get the facts here]