December 4, 2017/Press

Rep. Speciale “Wholeheartedly” Support Accused Child Molester Roy Moore. Does NC GOP?

Raleigh – Does the NC GOP support accused child molester and sexual predator Roy Moore? One NC House Representative certainly does, taking to Facebook to say he “wholeheartedly” supports Roy Moore even as nine women have accused Moore of preying on them when they were kids.

Rep. Speciale’s endorsement raises questions of whether other NC Republicans feel the same way he does – and the same way President Trump does.

Do Senate Leader Berger, Speaker Moore, Lieutenant Governor Forest, and the NC GOP support Roy Moore for Senate?

Hours ago, President Trump tweeted his support for Roy Moore just as others have started to walk back their criticisms of the embattled GOP senate candidate. Trump’s support adds to the questions around whether NC GOP stands behind their party’s standard bearer in support of Moore.

Do Sens. Tillis and Burr stand by their statements against Moore or has their position changed after Trump lined up behind him?

Meanwhile, prominent NC faith leaders have been divided on whether to support Moore, again raising questions of whether our Republican elected officials – who often burnish their religious background as a guide for them in public office – think Roy Moore should be on the ballot this December.

Does NC GOP – including Senate Leader Berger, Speaker Moore, and Lieutenant Governor Forest – believe Roy Moore is fit for the U.S. Senate?

“Roy Moore is an accused child molester who doesn’t belong in public office, yet NC GOP representatives are publicly championing their support of him,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “The public deserves to know if our state’s top Republicans stand behind their party and their president in support of Roy Moore.”