June 18, 2019/Press

QUICK CLIP: New NCGOP Chair Declines to Support Incumbent GOP Senator Tillis

Raleigh – North Carolina Republicans had to elect a new chair last week after the previous one was caught bribing a public official, and as it turns out, even the new chair doesn’t support Senator Tillis.

While trying to spin a “reset” for a party “at a low point” thanks to continued corruption from its leaders – from bribery to election fraud to allegedly lying to federal courts – new GOP Chair Michael Whatley refused to endorse Republican incumbent Senator Tillis, instead calling his damaging primary a “great opportunity.”


While the Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party refuses to endorse the incumbent Republican senator, unnamed NCGOP operatives are trashing Senator Tillis in the press, saying he’s “so far underwater, you need a SCUBA tank, not a snorkel,” “has abandoned his principles,” “has a trust problem,” and “won’t be a senator after 2020.”

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