May 2, 2018/Press

POLL: NC Moving in the Right Direction Under Governor Cooper

Raleigh – Under Governor Cooper’s leadership, North Carolina is moving in the right direction, more people believe the state is back on the right track in a “complete turn-around” from seven months ago, and voters want a Democratic legislature, according a new poll from Spectrum News.

Voters’ outlook on Governor Cooper continues to improve while their view of the Republican legislature sinks. More revealing, however, is how over the last seven months voters’ opinion of North Carolina has seen a “complete turn-around” as voters now say the state is back on the right track, a new and clear sign of the enthusiasm and support behind North Carolina Democrats.

  • Cooper +23, up +5 from 7 months ago. Nearly half of North Carolina voters (49%) approve of the job Governor Roy Cooper is doing, compared to only 26 percent who disapprove. His approval rating is up five points from +18 seven months ago.
  • “Complete Turn-Around” as Voters See NC Back on the Right Track.Voters today have swung 20 points toward a positive outlook. Seven months ago, 41% said wrong track, 37% right direction; today, a complete turn-around: 47% say right direction, 31% wrong track.
  • GOP-Controlled Legislature Underwater. More than one-in-three (35%) voters disapproves of the GOP-controlled legislature, and only 32% approve of the General Assembly.
  • Democrats +7 in Generic NCGA Ballot. 44% of voters said they would vote for a generic Democrat vs. 37% who would vote for a generic Republican.

The only thing missing from this poll is the huge and growing enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats, which Republicans privately admit “is real.”

This poll comes after the North Carolina Democratic Party announced a record $4 million cash-on-hand after the first quarter of 2018, and after Democrats last week flipped their 40th legislative seat since 2016 and overperformed by 20 points in a Arizona special election.

“2018 is a new day for North Carolina thanks to Governor Cooper’s leadership,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “Record resources, growing enthusiasm, strong polling, a new outlook on North Carolina, high support for Governor Cooper, great candidates running for the first time ever in every district – no matter what metric you use one thing is clear, Democrats are building a blue wave and it’s headed straight for the Republican legislature.”