May 29, 2019/Press

North Carolinians Need to Know: How Much Did Tillis Raise When He Skipped The Veterans’ Affairs Hearing?

Raleigh – It’s been a week since Senator Tillis missed a Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing to fundraise for his struggling re-election campaign — the same move Tillis “attacked his then-opponent for” back in 2014 — and North Carolinians are eager to know: how much money does it take for Tillis to skip out on his day job? It’s been reported that “the only thing Tillis seems to value is his political future,” but what’s that worth to Senator Tillis? North Carolina’s veterans and servicemembers deserve to know how much Tillis raked in when he skipped a chance to fight for them last week.

NCDP spokesman Robert Howard released the following statement:

“North Carolinians are old enough to remember when Senator Tillis railed against his opponent for missing hearings to go to fundraisers. So what does it take for him to do the same? North Carolina veterans and servicemembers deserve to know how much cash it takes to get Senator Tillis to pass up a chance to fight for them so he can instead go rub elbows with wealthy donors. We need an explanation for Tillis’ hypocrisy, and we need it a week ago.”

Read more here about how Tillis earned the nickname “Senator Hypocrisy (R-N.C.)”: