April 15, 2019/Press

North Carolinians Face Lower Refunds, Larger Tax Bill Today Thanks to Tillis-Trump Tax Scam

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Robert Howard released the following statement on Tax Day:

“Senator Tillis and President Trump promised the average North Carolinian a $4,000 tax cut. Instead families, retirees, students, and everyday North Carolinians got slapped with smaller refunds and bigger tax bills while the wealthiest few and major corporations cashed in. Thom Tillis has a long history putting billionaires ahead of the middle class. When he was speaker, Tillis protected tax breaks for private jet and golf course owners while hiking taxes for people with medical expenses and working North Carolinians. President Trump and Senator Tillis may celebrate a tax bill that rigs the system for their wealthy friends but the rest of us are feeling the pain.”

Last week, NCDP asked North Carolinians how the tax bill is affecting them. Here’s what just a few had to say:

  • Small business owner: “I am from a regular middle class family in NC and a small business owner (a group who was said to benefit from the new tax code). I just got my taxes done and I am paying over $5000 more in taxes this year for almost exactly the same revenue. The new tax laws are not benefiting the middle class as promised, and in fact, I have heard from many others it is hurting them significantly, as it has me.”
  • Student: “I work part time for the school system to make ends meet. My tax refund for the past ten years, usually 600-700 dollars, has made up the summertime shortage. This year my total refund was only $18.  What will I do without until school starts again?”
  • Retired teacher: “I am a retired teacher. Last year I had to borrow a thousand dollars to pay my taxes. So I saved up $2,400 to cover this year’s taxes thinking that would be plenty since we were given a tax cut. I was shocked to learn that I was STILL $1,124 short. I work two part-time jobs to supplement my pension.”
  • Middle class family trying to pay for their kid to go to college: “Thanks to Trump and Tillis, our family will not receive a refund like years in the past. Instead we will have to make monthly payments to pay off the debt we owe to the IRS. This is money we need we our son’s college.”
  • Retiree: “I’m retired & on a fixed income. Last year I received a federal refund of $3,400.00. This year I owed the federal government $1,640. So much for helping the average citizen.”