August 31, 2018/Press

Newest Sign Republicans Continue to Struggle to Excite their Voters? Desperately Trying to Talk About Kavanaugh

Raleigh – A month ago, vulnerable Wake County Democrat Chris Malone had to cancel a town hall because no one showed up. Meanwhile, Senate Leader Phil Berger kicked off his campaign to an empty warehouse.

Clearly, Republicans have a problem exciting their base. And it’s not getting any better.

In the latest sign that the same number of Republican voters will show up for this election as showed up to Chris Malone’s town hall, Republican state lawmakers signed an open letter to Judge Kavanaugh yesterday in a desperate attempt to appeal to their base voters. From NC Insider:

Nearly all Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly signed onto a letter showing support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who is President Donald Trump’s pick to replace the recently retired Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. In total 32 Senate Republicans and 71 House Republicans signed the letter. The letter was sent to U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will eventually hold Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

It’s no secret that Republican voters are excited by judicial appointments. But state lawmakers trying to tie themselves to a federal judicial confirmation that they have no influence or power over and may be over before November is a sign of desperation.

North Carolina Democrats, meanwhile, had our most successful weekend of action this cycle, knocking more than 20,000 doors and marshalling more than 700 volunteers. There is a huge enthusiasm gap between Democratic voters and Republican voters – and moves like signing onto an open letter for a federal judgeship only go to show that the gap is widening.

“The undertones of this election are clear – Democratic voters are excited to bring new leadership to Raleigh while Republicans are struggling to motivate their voters at all,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said.“Republican attempts to gin up some excitement with their voters are starting get more and more desperate, but no matter what they try, it won’t save them come November.”